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Registration for the the Le Aito Samoa V1 regatta, and Alo Paopao’s signature gathering, the Alo Paopao Festival is now open!

Photography - Jordan.Schuster


Samoa presents the Alo Paopao Festival. 
A vibrant, inclusive and fun celebration of outrigging regattas, music and culture.


Building on the success of the inaugural 2017 event, the Sheraton to Sheraton 2018 will again see paddlers compete in a 30 kilometre race between Apia’s iconic Sheraton Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows


In conjunction with Tahiti’s premier Te Aito V1 24 kilometre race, the third international Le Aito Samoa will take place ahead of the Alo Paopao Festival 2019, on Saturday 17 August 2019.


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The Alo Paopao Festival Trust is a not-for-profit organisation, responsible for the administration and delivery of the annual Alo Paopao Season

Supporting the Trust will enable the continuing promotion — and positioning — of Samoa’s rich paddling culture on the global stage. 

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